Traditional Social Dance Salon  
Cape Breton
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Special / Infrequent / Irregular / Dancing-Music Weekly to Monthly             Places and Bands  
Fr My 26 730 Danish Folkdancing
Fr My 26 8 Irish Ceili
Sa My 27 10 Irish Workshop
Sa My 27 2 Irish Workshop
Sa My 27 8 Irish Ceili
Su My 28 1 Irish Workshop
Su My 28 2 Irish Ceili
Su My 28 8 Irish Session
Mo My 29 730 Balfolk
We My 31 7 Sid Smith Patio UofT Swing
We My 31 830 Swedish Folkdancing

Th Jn  1 7 Reservoir Lounge Alex Pangman
Fr Jn  2 730 Danish Folkdancing
Fr Jn  2 1030 Grossman's Combo Royale
Sa Jn  3 7 9 Dawes Rd Legion Irish Ceili
Sa Jn  3    Swedish Folk Dance Party
Su Jn  4 12 PUSLINCH Danish Performance
Su Jn  4 9 Imperial Pub Blues
We Jn  7 7 Sid Smith Patio UofT Swing
Fr Jn  9 7 Dovercourt Mostly Waltz
Sa Jn 10 6 NEWMARKET Anniversary DDance
Sa Jn 10 6 OldMill Dinner Dance BBSwing
Sa Jn 10 730 Last Contra Dance
Sa Jn 10 700 620 Spadina Polka +++
Su Jn 11 8 Cameron House The Double Cuts
Mo Jn 12 730 Monarch MartinLoomer Swing
Fr Jn 16-18 SUDBURY Finn Fest Weekend
Th Jn 29 830 JazzCumberland Swamperella

Sa Jl  1 3 Scarboro Bill R Square Dance 
Fr Jl  7 -9 RICHMOND QC Ooh La La Dance
Mo Jl  9 730 Monarch MartinLoomer Swing
Su Jl 16 3 Ward's Island Contra Dance
Fr No  3 -5 OTTAWA HeyFeverContra Waltz
Sa No  4 8 Big Olde Tyme Square[P]
Su De  3 6 Casa Loma Finnish Gala Dance

[R]= Recorded music  [P]= Bring Partner
Mo 730 2: Monarch Loomer BB Swing
Mo 730 LaRev 2848 DundasW Balfolk
Mo 9 Dovercourt Balboa Social

Tu 8 TraditionalSocialDance Salon
Tu 845 ReservoirTylerYarema Swing
Tu 915 1: Grossman's Miz D Blues

We 7 UT Swing class+dance [R]
We 830 Swedish Folkdancing

Th 7 1: Reservoir Alex P Swing

Fr 6 -2100 3 Grossman's Blues
Fr 630 765 Queen E English[R]
Fr 730 ?123 Danish Folkdancing ?
Fr 7 3: HogTown HoeDown Square ?
Fr 9 3: Dovercourt Blues [R]
Fr 9 ?: Dovercourt Waltz [R]
Fr 10 1: Grossman's CR FolkJazz

Sa 4 Grossman's HPals NOLA Jazz
Sa 6 3: Cameron Scottish Ceilidh
Sa 730 2: Hwy401X299 Square[R] ?
Sa 730 245: St Barnabas Contra
Sa 8 1: Irish Ceili ?
Sa 8 ? English
Sa 8 4: Westway Kipling Square ?
Sa 9 Dovercourt Swing Jazz

Su 1 2: 756 Queen E Contra Dance
Su 430-8 Grossman's NOCAS Jazz
Su 8-10 Cameron Double Cuts Ap-My
Su 9 1: Imperial Pub Blues[R]

2: 2nd week of the month
Blue Danube   Waltz, Polka
Cameron House        [N] Su
Dakota Tavern
Dovercourt    Sa Swing Jazz
Gladstone Hotel       Swing
Grossman's  [N] Jazz, Blues
Harmony Club      [R]  Fr
Lula Lounge
Mây Café FB
Old Mill             Fr, Sa
Palais Royale     (rarely)
Reservoir Lounge Tu, We, Th
Smiling Buddha
Tranzac Club

The Double Cuts FB
Alex Pangman
Martin Loomer Orange Devils
Zé Fuá Forró Band
Aline Morales Forró Trio

[N] = No/Bad dance floor

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Lindy Hop

What is
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Lindy Hop

What is
Lindy Hop?

Videos: (minutes)
Balboa  .si  ABW11  B+AH  D+D  G+I  ECS13 (6)  ILHC10  I13JJ  I13F
Brazilian Forró  Toronto 2013  2012 (9)  Robson e Nadia  Music,photos  Music  #  #
Cajun Zydeco  LZL8 (5)  E+AJ08 (4)  GR10 (5)  H+08 (4)  SZF10 (4)  BNB11 (4)
Collegiate Shag  Steven & Chandrae
Danish  S (10)  Les Lanciers (17)  Description  A Note FFF Description Music Paper
Finnish  Paimen Plikan Valssi (05:21-08:07) (11)  Description
Lindy Hop  What Is? (2)  Undecided  Frankie Social Dancing (4)  Lesson (35)  AH Playlist
Scottish Ceilidh  Cairngorm Quadrilles (14)
Swedish Hambo  2010 finals (5)  2011 semi-finals  2010 2nd round (8)
Belgian Mazurka and Zwiefach  Mazurka  Mazurka  Mazurka  Mazurka  Mazurka  Zwiefach
Turning Dance Workshop Demos  Waltz, Hambo, Mazurka, Snoa, Schottisch, Polka, Zwiefach

Traditional Social Dancing has evolved naturally through communities, along with traditional music. It is simple, easy, joyful, free, equal, and sociable: it affords improvisation and individual style within a strongly supported dance community, has no classes, hierarchy or separation into performers and spectators, and is considerate, not competitive. It is grounded: it is physical, creative, aesthetic, and transcendent, but is neither sport nor art, neither randomly individual nor uniformly regimented. It resists sophistication, commercialization, and institutionalization. If Traditional social dancing were discourse, it would be neither debate nor monologue, but conversation. We hope that our dancing inspires others to want to dance too. -- This web site is a gift for dancers. Everything is a work in progress. Much has been neglected. Improvements are always welcome.

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